Rockingham Farm is everything a professional barn should be. We offer a variety of full board options. All horses are fed grain and quality fescue/orchard grass mixed hay twice daily. We also help coordinate vet and farrier appointments if desired.

Horses are fed twice a day. We provide Southern States brand feeds, tailored to your horse’s needs, and high-quality orchard grass/fescue hay.

We monitor the horses daily for injuries or illnesses. Additional charges may apply to administer special medications, wraps legs etc. if required. We will consult with our veterinarian (or yours), as needed.

Trailer Storage
No additional charge for truck and trailer storage.

Owners can provide supplements that need to be given to your horse and Rockingham Farm staff will add to their feed as directed at no added charge. Or if the owner prefers, Rockingham Farm will purchase the supplement and add to their account for added convenience.

Our farrier comes out periodically (scheduled 6-8 weeks and any other time on
appointment basis) for trimming and shoeing. They are located less than a ½ mile from our farm and their rates are reasonable, but please remember that you do not have to use our farrier, you may use whomever you prefer.

Carolina Equine is an excellent veterinary group in nearby Guilford County. They have four veterinarians, and always one on call after hours. We use Dr. Mark Wallace primarily, but please do not feel obligated to use him or his veterinary group. You may arrange for vet visits with whomever you prefer.

For more information, please contact Beth or Eric at (336)-342-1800.