All barns have “Barn Rules.”  We expect each boarder to be responsible and follow these simple rules.

We do not accept stallions, ill-tempered horses, cribbers, weavers, or violent horses.

Required Vaccines
We require that all horses have a Negative Coggins, Rabies, Tetanus, EEE/West Nile, Flu/ Rhino. Al other vaccines are optional and at the discretion of the owners.

Conditions for Acceptance of Boarders

  1. We firmly believe horses need a certain standard of care. They need their hooves trimmed on a reasonable schedule. They need their shots and regular twice yearly deworming. They need exercise and healthy food, grooming, reasonable shelter and a safe environment. Being domesticated, they also need a certain amount of attention from their owners (people). However, we also believe HORSES ARE MEANT TO BE HORSES. They can be out in the rain, they won't melt; they do NOT have to be fed at the same exact time every day, on the hour on the minute. Small scratches, squabbles in group turn-out, sun fading and being dirty are healthy and acceptable consequences of being TURNED OUT TO GRAZE. We are willing to work with all owners that show and we are prepared to work with each horse to keep them in top showing condition.

  2. Horse owners / boarders should have a certain level of experience, confidence and common sense to allow them to carry out such tasks as: going out in the field and safely retrieving their horse, riding or handling the horse in the company of others, handling their horse safely under normal circumstances, understanding common horse farm etiquette like closing gates/doors, not tying your horse to inappropriate objects, with an inappropriate head stall, etc. If owners show that they are inexperienced to a level that they put themselves, others or other's horses in harm’s way, or do not understand the basics of horse care, those boarders may be required to participate in some basic horsemanship lessons.
We look forward to talking with you about your horse care needs and answering any questions you may have.